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Dec 1, 2012 7:00am PST
federal government but possibly much leaner household budgets as well. more than 2 million americans may lose their unemployment benefits. the average american household could see a tax increase of about $3500 and child nutrition programs could lose more than 500 million in funding. democrats may benefit politically if we go off the cliff. can ordinary americans afford the cost of this round of negotiations? dan, what is the case for nothing, for just going off the cliff? >> a great case for nothing. at a station where i contribute, they are absolutely apaplectic about the economic impact. i'm not sure there is going to be an enormous imfact. i follow markets. the stock market hasn't reacted at all even despite the fact that we are going to go over the cliff. if they get a deal, it will be the most superficial can kick. yet, the markets are pretty strong. economic people seem to think we are going to go over the cliff. maybe it is not as bad as people think. let me tell you some things that are going to happen. $600 billion in military spending cuts. even the democrats don't want to touc
Dec 2, 2012 7:00am PST
predicted at this stage four years ago to the day, which is the rise of a pop list anti-government spending wing of the country and of the electorate. not anti-tax, anti-government spending. the tea party. you did get new voices talking in a different way. rand paul is not talking in the same way that a rick santorum or a newt gingrich has talked about. marco rubio doesn't talk. mike lee, there's a lot of different people who talk differently here. one question, chris christie is another. this class of 2010. that is an interesting wing. it's unclear whether that wing, if it is indeed a coherent wing, will now lead the discussion of the republican party. i think mitt romney, the analog to him is john kerry. he was a presentable, i think the other guys might not hate him type of former massachusetts -- >> went back into the senate afterward. >> the moment that he disappeared, that's the last you heard about john kerry from any democrat. he was like, enough, we're not going to do that again. there's a lot of republicans saying enough, we're not going do that again. the question is okay, what a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2